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Tandoori Lamb Cutlet

Tandoori Lamb Cutlet

Serves 2


Trimmed lamb cutlets- 11-12
Potatoes- 700 gms.
Honey- 1 tbs
Curry powder- 2 ts
Olive oil
Seeds of mustard- 2 ts
Garam Masala- 1 ts
Grated ginger- 2 ts
Ripe tomatoes- 2 (remove seeds)



Mix youghurt, tandorri paste and honey in a large dish. Add lamb to the mix and marinate for as long as possible. Take some salted water and boil potatoes until they are softened. Heat oil. Add mustard seeds and cook untill they crackle or pop. Now you can add spices, potatoes and ginger; keep cooking until potatoes become crisp. Add tomato and spinach. keep cooking until the green leaves wilt.  You can put some more oil in the pan, if it is required. Keep cooking for 2-3 minutes from all the sides, until it becomes pink in the middle. It's ready to be served with vegatables and yoghurt.