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Nepali Cuisine

Mouth watering dishes, delicious taste, unique style and ultra hygienic quality are all the features of Nepalese Cuisines. The Nepalese Cuisines are also known as Himalayas Cuisine. The uniqueness about  the  Nepalese Cuisine is the fact that it brings you to the traditional and cultural confluence of the Nepal and the India as both countries are connected through high rise and awesome mountain ranges of the Himalayas. The confluence has influenced the social and the traditional aspects of both nations and the cuisines are no exception!

Nepal has given the world many mouth watering and utterly Nepali recipes of a wide range that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. A small country located in the solitary of the highrise hills of the Himalayas, Nepal has always stayed as symbolic place of Asian Continent for the food lovers around the world. And with its rich and ancient traditions, it has given world many delicious nepali food dishes that no one can afford to miss.

Test of Nepal

Nepali recipes are not just limited to Nepal but have widespread presence in Nepalese restaurants in Melbourne and Indian restaurants in Melbourne. If you are wandering in Australia and are looking for Nepali recipes, you will probably find many Nepalese restaurants in Australia that offers tasty Nepali food items that include Dal (lentil soups), Bhat (rice) and Tarkari (vegetable food items). The combination of dal, bhat and tarkari is Nepal's most widely eating and most popular nepali food dish. Apart from these dishes, there are many other original Nepali recipes on offer at many Nepalese restaurants Nepal has its own taste for Choylas, Chicken Bhutuwas, Sekuwas, Lamb, Momo and many more.

Vegetable Items:-

Vegetable Thukpa
Beans and Bamboo Shoot
Vegetable Momo
Aloo Sandheko
Mustard Green
Potato Curry

Lamb Items:-

Lamb Daikon
Lamb Meatballs
Lamb Chwyela
Lamb Bhutuwa
Lamb Sekuwa

Chicken Items:-

Chicken Sekuwa
Chicken Chow Chow
Chicken Bhutuwa
Chicken Tarkari

Seafood Items:-

Shrimp Bhutuwa
Gorkhali Shrimp
Shrimp Chwyela
Pahari Fish