Kantipur Indian Restaurant in Caulfield North - order online from eatnow

Dinner Hours
05pm to 10pm     |     Tue to Sun

For other days lunch open only for booking if more than 10 people.

Take Away Express
Call now 9528 4388
Home Delivery 30-35Minutes

Best Indian Nepali Food Menu

Kantipur Restaurant Melbourne specialises in Indian and Nepalese cuisine, with mild to hot curries and frivolously spiced as well as more about flavours, the menu will appeal to all Indian foodies.

Nepali Food : An authentic yet ascetic way to reach the Himalayas

Have you ever desired to conquer the heights of Himalayas but were always fearful of the many hindrances and difficulties on the way to the top of the Himalayas? Well, you have another very harmless, laid-back way to touch and feel the top of the Himalayas! And that's the Nepali Food or the Nepalese cuisine. And you don't require to visit to the lanes of Nepal to taste the Nepali Food, we are at your services! Come to Kantipur Restaurant – the Nepalese restaurant in Melbourne that takes your tongue and mind directly to the lanes of Nepal and make you taste authentic Nepalese Food.